dealssample of victorinox swiss army cologne for $0.00…


Thank You
Thank you for your interest in Swiss Unlimited, the new men's fragrance from Victorinox. Its fresh, aromatic scent and woody masculine sensuality captures the open-air spirit of Switzerland.

I'm assuming that means it's still available? Thanks for sharing! I'm curious to see what it smells like; I didn't even know they did fragrances.


@kristiwsu: I got the same message. Worth a try!

Frankly, when I first saw this I envisioned a bottle of cologne with numerous helpful attachments that would pull out.


I had an ex gf who loved Swiss Army, got lots of compliments. Def gonna try this new 'Unlimited'


I had an email in my junk email box that I needed to confirm that I wanted the sample.

Hello xxxx,
You requested for a fragrance sample. Pls confirm the same.
Click here to confirm Cancel

That took me to that Thank You screen, which I thought I already had seen after I requested the sample, so I assume I'll get one.

Had a small sample in a magazine or sales flyer recently and I remember that I really liked it.


Does the scent smell different for different occasions.
Sometimes delicate like a tweezer. At times strong and invincible like the saw.




@izzy7268: Sorry to read about your cry eye, but CA is on the list of states and provinces, though the list isn't in alphabetical order. Maybe your mommy can help you find it.


@izzy7268: California is right below Iowa in the list if you scroll down


Wow. I'm not used to seeing the "if you'd like to receive future e-mails about..." option not automatically selected for you by default. That was a refreshing change of pace--especially for a free sample. +1 for Victorinox in my book.


Form seems broken for me, continually get an error upon submission "You have entered an invalid address. Please do not use special characters such as @, #, % etc within address fields" when there are naught but alpha-numeric characters (not even a period).