dealsharry potter: the complete collection years 1-7…


For $42.65 Shipped, you can get this on in Bluray Format (Region Free)
Even Cheaper if you opt for the DVD set, and even still cheaper than that if you have prime.


@lichme: Thanks for the heads up, I bought a set. That's a great deal.


How is $42.65 cheaper than $38.99?

Unless you're talking about not paying the use tax owed on a UK purchase, lying on tax form.


@craig234: He's talking about paying just a few bucks more to get Blu Rays instead of DVDs.


@lichme: Plus, the UK blu-ray set has 11 discs vs the US 8 discs. It's much cheaper.


i bought this on ebay a couple months ago for $16.50.
check there first.


@tweakx4: Good call. Way cheaper on Ebay. I'm seeing a few for 26 bucks, free shipping.


Ditto on checking ALWAYS scope the Amazon UK site for both DVD and Blu-ray sets, the prices are constantly so much cheaper, even with shipping.
I also bought the full 11 disc Harry Potter complete set on about a year ago... I think I paid $42 with shipping? Again, this was the complete Blu-ray set, a fantastic deal.


@zyxomma100: Thanks, I missed that this wasn't Blu-ray.