dealsncc-1701 star trek enterprise pizza cutter for…


Got this from Andy Dick as a gift once. I never used it.

Don't be surprised if you don't use it either. It's still a nice showpiece though.


looks like something out of an episode of The Big Bang Theory


Bake it so... and may the forks be with you!


@pupyluvr: You should have stopped at "Bake it so" .... Hilarious!


The wife gave me one of these for my birthday earlier this month. I was thrilled, but she was afraid I would cut myself using it, based on the Amazon reviews. I said, "Oh, that's ridiculous. It's a pizza cutter, not a knife!" Well, shoot, man, was I wrong. I didn't cut myself, but darn near to it. There's not much by way of grip on the slick shiny nacelles, and the saucer section is much wider than the nacelles (as it should be). It is very easy to slip you hand down, so that you essentially go from squeezing your hand around the handle to squeezing the blade in an instant. This is exacerbated by the fact that if you squeeze too tightly to avoid slipping, the nacelles will actually start to bend together, so you will end up gripping lightly and facing a higher risk of deadly slippage.

Still, it is a beautiful piece. As others have said, it makes a great showpiece if nothing else. I am stubbornly still using mine, though, at least until I lose a finger.


Got myself one last time they were on sale. It's very, very sharp, and since the Enterprise wasn't designed to be used as a handle, it's a little scary to be applying pressure on something kinda awkward so close to something so sharp.

But it comes in a very attractive box, and it looks great on the shelf, and I use it even though it's scary cause it's so damned cool.


I have had mine for three years and it is still pristine in the box. It is just too shiny to use.


To boldy dough, where no pan has gone before!


EPIC! In for one for a Christmas gift.


Yes, we geeks pay dearly to display our interests in our daily lives. I'm certain a Hello Kitty or Spongebob pizza cutter would be much cheaper, but infinitely less "geeky cool."

Hopefully, they would also be less dangerous. Probably have a plastic blade or something.