dealshitachi deskstar c 1 terabyte (1tb) sata/300…


I think the same drive is $49.99 after rebate at newegg.


I don't care if it was a long time ago. There is voodoo in some hard drive models. You couldn't pay me 60 bucks to rely on these bricks.


@jnixon: "jnixon"??? Am I related to you??


@wootofstealbaby: Seriously? You're basing the quality of their current drives on a Wikipedia entry referencing news releases from almost ten years ago? Not to mention that those drives were made by IBM and NOT Hitachi (Hitachi bought IBM's hard drive line in 2003).

I have had one of these drives for a year, and I have nothing bad to say about it.


Drive has 4/5 stars on newegg, with 141 reviews. That is VERY good for a harddrive. GO to, type in '7K1000.C' to search, and it's there.


The important thing about Hitachi harddrives is that I (as of yet) have not had a catastrophic failure on any of them. I have owned in almost of forty of them (38 different drives). I run them in unfriendly conditions. Not one failure has been completely unrecoverable yet (knocks on wood).

This is not to say that they have a markedly better failure rate than other harddrives of similar quality (aka they don't fail, on average, less than a similarly priced harddrive from respectable companies like western digital), but you can get your stuff off them post failure.

I've also generally had good luck with them. Of those 38 drives I've only had 6 report bad sectors after at least a year of service.

That being said from what I understand you should NEVER buy an unboxed drive from them. The bare drives on newegg have abysmal ratings due to poor packaging.

Hope that helps somebody. I always tell people to get hitachi drives, I think they're awesome.


@lilmul123: Bad voodoo. Buy a WD, I've never had one fail. I stumbled across that one after a customer of mine lost everything to a HITACHI Deskstar.

Why such a line was continued is puzzling to me.


@wootofstealbaby: You've been lucky. I have a box full of WDs which have all failed, many of them catastrophically. I also have the problem that WD's (black or green) don't play nice with default Ubuntu laptop installs, in that they quickly reach the loadcyclecount limit when on battery power which causes them to crash rather quickly.

That being said everyone has a skeleton in their closet. Seagate had a bad line, IBM had a bad line, and I'm sure that WD is no different. The EARS line has been a pretty spectacular disaster in a lot of ways. Right after they came out, even though the whole point of the drive is to use sectors of 4099 bytes instead of 512, the firmware reported that it used sectors of size 512 (I don't know if they've fixed it yet).

Anyway, to each their own, I like Hitachis and I'll stick with 'em.


i lost EVERYTHING on a Hitachi Deskstar. they replaced it with another drive, i sold it. i know this can happen with any drive, but this is my personal experience. it happens once and you tend to steer clear.


@kickmyassman: You know that Hitachi made drives for IBM right? They used to call this drive the IBM "Deathstar" (instead of "Deskstar"). Hitachi probably has the worst reputation out of any manufacturer for hard drives.


Hitachi death star drives are as famous as their warped Maxell cassette tapes,seek out the closest garbage dumpster,pass go,do NOT collect $200.


@potentatetato: First things first: Hitachi did not make these for IBM, IBM's hard drive division was purchased by Hitachi and integrated with Hitachi to form "Hitachi Global Storage Technologies" in 2003 (wikipedia). Secondly that was in 2000 that they released that specific drive and they paid out the ass for it. I'm pretty sure that in the 9 years since that incident they've learned something.

And thirdly there a reason that I pointed out that I've owned 38 different Hitachi drives. My information is actually based on experience with a relatively LARGE number of harddrives.

I hate watching these reviews go by and see a million "I got one bad drive. Every Hitachi ever made must suck." And in your case you're basing this on 7 to 9 year old news.

Just look at Intel: they had a sucky batch of processors, and we all know that NO ONE buys intels any more, right? ( )

Companies make mistakes, then they get better. I think Hitachi did that.


If you guys took a moment to do some research I think you'd find that a lot of fortune 500 data centers use Hitachi Enterprise drives. Perhaps there is a reason for this to be the case?

I have owned some of the original IBM Deskstar drives, and while I didn't personally have any problems with mine, the current Hitachi drives bear no resemblance to them.


@wootofstealbaby: I had 2 WDs fail in the last 5 years and, fortunately, saw it coming so I didn't lose any data. Ironically (?), I replaced both with WD - so far so good (knocks wood).