dealsvizio 60" edge-lit razor led-lcd hdtv / e601i-a3…


If it looks too good to be true.......


"screen scratches, dead pixels, or repainted cabinets"...the first things I insist on when shopping for a TV.


Walmart is selling a ton of these new for 999 so it makes sense they would have returns etc. If you can return in 90 days I would take the chance. I have exact tv 2 years old in 42 inch from Vizio its amazing.


This is the same TV that they sold "Brand New" on black friday. Funny that they are now selling it "refurbed" for that.

I've got one, it is a good tv, but is prone to an occasional lockup. The tv stops responding to the remote and actually has to be turned off and then turned back on. This happens about once every 2 weeks.