dealsall 2013 entertainment books 35% off plus freeā€¦


Okay, seriously, I actually use these things and save a lot of money. Don't be bagging on these just to be with the popular crowd.


I bought two of these around Christmas time -- one for Las Vegas (where I live) and one for Louisville (where my parents live). The coupons in the two vary but at least in Las Vegas there are several grocery coupons, like $5 off $50, that basically pay for the cost of the book even if you don't use anything else. Lots of b1g1 coupons for fast food -- some at places that are easy to get coupons for (like Subway) and some that aren't (like White Castle).


Isn't it kind of an oxymoron (or just moron) to vote down a book of coupons that save you money on stuff you buy while you're surfing a deals website so you can save money on stuff you buy?


I'm all for saving money - don't get me wrong. But paying $30 for a book of coupons?

Restaurants: go to (probably a better deal when used with their promo codes available at or other sites)

RetailMeNot: Great for your online purchases (and many/most large retailers will allow you to buy online and pick-up in the store, anyway)

Grocery store coupons: How about checking those coupons that come free when checking out. Those things are AWESOME deals (Free gallon of milk, free dozen eggs, free 2ltr coke.. and they don't have a purchase requirement.)

I just can't see paying money for coupons, when as savvy internet users we can find the same thing so simply by using what we already have... that search bar above this text.


@skunkmonkey: Yeah...these are pretty popular around here. Not sure what all the fuss is about.


@wootcompare: You constantly get Catalina coupons for free stuff? Lucky you, mine are always like 25 cents off 2 boxes of toothpaste.


Quite often the coupons in these books are not honored or worse made without consent of the business owner. I worked for a business that had the latter happen.


@wootcompare: What you wrote has no relevance to anything. These books contain coupons at places that you sometimes cannot get coupons for, as I pointed out even before you wrote your message. The grocery store coupons have no restrictions and can be combined with anything else. Use all the coupons you want, then use the ones in the book as well. There were $20 in coupons for one grocery store alone, and I only paid $15 for the book. The bigger the city, the more likely the book is going to pay for itself faster.

You talk about it being bad to pay for coupons, but there's absolutely no downside to it. Furthermore, you talk about which is basically paying for coupons. I used to use - now THAT is truly annoying. Sometimes the restaurants you want to get a voucher for will be out of stock, you have a minimum purchase requirement, usually no take-out allowed, and gratuity on the purchase before the discount is automatically added.


Wait 6 months.. I bought 6 of these for $5 a piece last year. They have good discounts. Keep one in your car and one in your significant other's "storage compartment"


@miniskunk: I have used these for the last two years and have never had that issue.


@wootcompare: I have found exactly one useful deal on, since their usual minimum-purchase requirement is well above what we generally spend.


I've been using these things for years. My birthday is in mid January and my parents usually get me one for it. I love them, lots of good coupons and a great price at $22.50. Hell, there is one coupon for the local waterpark that is BOGO a ticket, and they are $27 a piece! They are worth it, trust me.


Not such a good deal here...down and out places, some were out of business. Lotsa 2 beverage minimums which made the the 2fer 'deal' no deal at all. We passed this year.


We used the bowling coupons in ours when we had to entertain my gf's niece and nephews. Paid for itself and then some in 1 outing. I guess YMMV indeed with these books. Not a bad way to get you to try new places either. I mean, wouldn't you try some place new if you got a free entree?

I've heard the whole coupons printed without consent and coupons not being honored from, group on, and these books. Either they are all greedy businesses just printing coupons or the businesses didn't opt out properly and cry victim. I'm willing to bet it's some of both, so get off your high horse and get back to the deals.


The buy One Get One for golf alone makes them worth it. Also the buy one get one for pizza...and the buy one get one for entrees makes it worth it. the fact that is has most fast food places makes it worth it.


I bought some of these a couple of years ago and even though I bought the book the web site recommended for my zip code, there was nothing at all in it within 35 miles of where I live.

I have to admit that they did refund my money when I pointed this out, but I thought it was very deceptive of them to recommend that book to me.


There are at least four very good to excellent restaurant deals in or near me (Morristown, NJ), that will more than pay for the $22.75 I spent for the book. And I can also receive discounts on the Morris Museum and several historical places here that I've been meaning to go to for years. Any other deals I choose to use for myself and significant other or give to friends (I've seen several already), are icing on the cake.

I had one of these last year, but couldn't take advantage of a lot of deals because I bought it too late. Not so this year! Thanks, Woot and fellow Wooters!



I've never had that happen, but if it did, the restaurant owner should be gracious enough to honor the coupon and take it up with - NOT the customer. I would even mention that to the owner (if it came to that), and/or mention that, while I was sorry that happened, that should not affect my experience (or use of the coupon), and I would get in touch with the Better Business Bureau in the area and let them know of the unpleasant experience I had with the owner and his/her establishment.


@drexel96: I'll note, as the year goes on yeah the books do drop in price. If they are just 35% off $35 or whatever, then it''s not a great deal right now. I got 2 books for $35 around Black Friday. Getting them halfway into the year for just $5 sounds like a good deal, but I'll point out that for me, some of the coupons are for different quarters. As an example, one store has 4 of the same coupon, but one is only valid in Jan-Mar, one is only valid Apr-Jun, etc. so you might miss out.


I buy these for the Regal movie theater coupons. There is usually a full page (6-8) of buy-1-get-1 for Regal Theaters, so whatever the book costs we save ~$50 at the movies. Then I leave the book on the break room table at my work.

If the Movie coupons are not there.. we don't buy it.


@drexel96: +1 for putting Storage compartment in quotes. Love it.


@coltbear50: So you would deliberately attempt to harm a business for something they had no control over? In my example the company was printing buy one meal get one free. Restaurants have slim profit margins. No business should be expected to take a loss when a scammer prints unauthorized coupons.


Remove all the coupons from this book, replace them with one coupon.... "$100 dollars off of next ipad". Now raise the price of the book to $250 dollars and some people would still buy it.