deals32gb microsd card with sd adapter and usb card…


No details I can find on the speed, so it's highly likely that it's Class 4 or less, especially at that price.


"This coupon code is invalid or has expired."


Justdeals about 8-10 years ago used to be one of the more interesting closeout sites, a few rungs below the Geeks, with a cookie-cutter Yahoo storefront. But you never knew what they were going to get in from day to day, though some of their items hung around for months at a time... now just another DOtD site.

Not bad stuff though... Thinking about the title deal.


The deal says the code LOYAL5 expires the night of 3/8/2012, but it's doesn't work, and it's 5:12 am 3/5/2012. Bogus


Bought a "new" Shark hand vac. It was obviously not new, and the charger didn't work. Of course we could have mailed it back on OUR dime. Justdeals just lost a customer for life. Justripoff!


Sold out

I was going through checkout, and when I submitted the order it told me that the cart was empty. Went back to the main page and it had a sold out notice. :(