dealssandisk sansa clip zip - refurbished mp3 player…


NOW you're talking!!! Look what the WOOT! off is missing!!!!!


These are the greatest little MP3 players ever!
Snag a pair of real earbuds off of the wootoff, though.


These are great little MP3 players. You can expand their capacity with a MicroSD card, and they have a nifty (but tiny) color screen. I've charged mine twice since I bought it - once the day it came in, and once a couple of months later.


@morriea: You're right, I always would buy these. They are the best, but I break or lose them.


@mattysc: I bought one to be a spare to backup my spare that is a backup to the one I use. :)


@morriea: Yeah, that's what I was thinking of doing too. But I have so many variations on Clips and Zip Clips I don't know which ones are what GBs. Call it an addiction.


These are only 4GB players - capacity of only 600 -700 songs. The 8GB model is more to my liking which can hold about 1300 -1400 songs (depending on size)


Funny, the only thing I use the internal memory for is installing Rockbox. After that all my music/podcasts are kept on my MicroSD cards that I can move between Sansas and my car stereo. I have considered putting a selection of favorites that I might always want available right on each Sansa but never got around to it. To each their own...

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