deals$25 gift certificates for $4


On the website, there's also the code "TREAT" for the same deal.
Do these codes have different restrictions?


PLEASE Check your local retailers before getting involved....most around here have allegedly been scammed by and refuse their fact, not a SINGLE place locally take them anymore that I am aware of....I got burned once on a decent sized amount of their "certificates", buyer beware


@pstrnutbag44: Thanks. I was tempted, but I'm reconsidering.


This isn't really a deal. I have used these before and they do work. Make sure you read the fine print. Also, they give cheaper discounts on email. $25 for 2.50 discount is not unusual


@pstrnutbag44: just wondering how you got burned on the certificates?

Just make sure you read the conditions for each restauant you plan to buy the certificates for.
Most have a minimum you have to spend and some places that are popular in their areas have restictions as to when they can be used---i.e: not good after 4 Fri or Sat nights, etc.
Generally not too unreasonable restrictions when you consider the savings.


Yeah, this is no good. I wanted it to work, and I really tried to make it work. The problem was that the code didn't work on any of the restaurants I want to use them on. But the real ripoff is in the fine print as was mentioned before. Let's take a look at the math. Okay, the normal deal is $25 worth of food for $10, well that sounds great!!! I'm going to get my food for 60% off; beep Wrong. In the fine print is says you have to order $50 min. and an 18% Tip will be added before the discount. Now let's take a look at that so called discount again. Originally it was $15 off a $25 meal, but you have to order $50 worth of food. Okay, so now it's $15 off a $50 meal; but we're not though yet. You are charged a tip on the full amount, and that's fare I don't want to take from the wait staff, as they depend on their tips (we'll just say $60 total. Okay, so now you getting $60 worth of food for $45.


Hey wait that's only 25% off, that doesn't sound as good as 60%, and in fact it's 2 1/2 times less of a discount than I thought at the beginning. Even with the additional $6 promotion code, that's $60 worth for $39 34% off. Unfortunately the code didn't work on the first three places I tried, and then I gave up having invested over 20 minutes of my time. For gods sake don't make the same mistake I did, Let my suffering be a lesson so you don't have to learn the hard way. Spend the extra $15 and have a good time, you're worth it.


@donslin: I am aware of the conditions, etc. Not sure if you read my post. I didn't have that problem, My problem was that the restaurants that are listed on the site actually have signs up inside them saying things like :We are not affiliated with nor will we accept anything from" and "We're sorry, we have never been in association with nor have given permission to to extend offers to our customers. Thank you for understanding" and the plain "NO certificates/coupons accepted!"

To my knowledge, at least locally, the restaurants being listed on often do not even know they are listed or have NOT entered into any agreement with Retailers are NOT under any obligation to accept these, EVER.

Again, buyer beware. Maybe in your area they have a better reputation and more locations that actually DO accept the certs. I wouldn't waste my time with a business that is not operating 100% on the level, just my $0.02


@gertiestn: Anytime. I hate trashing a good "deal", but this is one of those where some may be better off simply saying "No, thanks". May be good for some, just not all.


@pstrnutbag44: $0.02? Oh man, now you're out $4.02. Dam you!!! So even if it did work, it's a ripoff, but it doesn't, so don't do it; For the love of god listen to one of us, there's two of us begging you, please hear out crys.


This is not a scam, but is it a deal? It could be. I would compare it to groupon and there are a number of restaurants that use both. You could pay $15 for $30 groupon or $4 dollars for a $25 certificate.

There are pros and cons to both. Groupon usually lets you dine on weekends but expire in 6 months or so. is usually Sun-Thurs but their certificates do not expire. Yes, they have a minimum charge (most for my area are $35-$45) and add a gratuity of %18-20. Groupon reminds you to tip on the entire bill before discount and suggests %20, so that is a wash.

I like because you are out of pocket less money, however the Sun-Thurs restriction is big negative. I would say their model is to fill seats during off peak times, whereas Groupon is trying to get the first-time customer to commit to coming in.


These are basically a coupon. Why in the world should you buy a coupon?


@pstrnutbag44: Here has been my experience. The "scam" may be on the restaurant side. They may just decide this is the easiest way to stop taking them, since they are good forever.

I use these all the time at a few of my local restaurants. There is one where every 6 months or so they "claim" they were not associated with or refuse to take them, even though the accepted them from me before. I contact and they give me a credit for the amount towards another coupon. A few months later the restaurant shows up again on the list, and they start taking them again.

I consider them as a face value discount. So a $15 "gift certificate" that I buy for $2, means I get a $13 discount off of a bill of whatever the minimum purchase is. For $15, I've seen it as low as $22.50 and as high as $50.00.

I never buy a coupon that would make spend extra to reach the minimum and since I normally tip more than 18% that part doesn't bother me.


I'm always tempted by these, but the only restaurants listed in my area are places I have no interest in dining. If you save MyCokeRewards, you can use your points to buy coupons (don't know if you can take advantage of this discount). The best deal I've gotten with these was for a vacation a couple of years ago that was in an area where there were a number of interesting participating restaurants. Basically, this gave me FREE coupons. We used some and handed off otherswe decided not to use to random strangers.


I have had ok luck with these.
You have to read the fine print. It is also important to ask the restaurant if they accept these before buying.


Some businesses feel burned by this website since they will keep selling coupons without consent, or at amounts the businesses didn't agree to.

The coupon books occasionally do this too.


I've used these discount vouchers many times without problems. You just neet to be smart and understand how they work. (That means read the restrictions that are EXPLICITELY posted for each amount!) Bottom line is you still save money. They usually run this same deal at least once or twice a month.

If this offer doesn't work, try "TREAT". I just bought two vouchers this morning for an upcoming trip and got a $25 and $50 voucher for a total of $12. YES, the restrictions usually say you need to spend more (before tip) and often include an 18 or 20% gratuity. I've rarely seen weekend restrictions, but have seen 'holiday or special event' restrictions.

REAL WORLD example - Just bought $25 for $4. The only restrictions - dine in, minimum $35 purchase, and 18% gratuity added. We'll likely have a bill of $40 + $7.20 tip = $47.20. Our cost is $4.00 for the voucher + $22.20 difference = $26.20. Do the math - we'll save $21.00. Who cares what the ACTUAL percentag is. We still saved money!


Also, regarding the restaurants accepting them... We always ask first. Based on my experience, I definitely trust them. I doubt you would have any problems exchanging unused vouchers (they know when you use them as the get 'registered' or something by the restaurant) if you are denied by a restaurant. Luckily, we've never been turned down, even by several local restaurants.

We did have some that stopped participating before we had used them, and emailed me and gave me a full credit for another voucher of the same amount at a different restaurant.


I find the site easy to navigate... UNTIL you try to get & print off a coupon. At that point, the path becomes maddening. I've spent over 20 minutes trying to remember just how to get to my already-purchased credit and redeem it for a coupon.

Screw them.


@joemarfice: When I log into the site, my unused certificates appear on my profile page, which is the default after I log in.


I was tempted by this, but they don't list anything good near me. With the warnings above (and gas prices as they are), it's not worth traveling to get a bit of a discount...maybe...if it works.


Its $25 for 4 bucks, but once you click on it there is a jump to $10 ! ! ! Talk about "bait'n'switch" ! !


Agree 100% with pstrnutbag44. I had a total of 4 restaurants that refused to accept the certificate. The bad thing is that they often do not say anything until after you have eaten, then you end up having to pay for the full price of the meal. If you do decide to get one, definitely call before making the purchase. won't even give you a refund for the certificates the restaurants won't accept, they will only offer you an exchange (in my case I exchanged 3 times). Finally had to start a BBB claim before they offered a refund.

551 complaints against them so far on the Chicago BBB website: