dealshp envy h8-1430 intel core i5 with 10gb ram & 2tb…


I like this deal... solid specs for a decent price.
Only thing I would do is make that 2TB a slave and throw in a SSD for the O/S.

10GB Memory will get'er done and finally a PSU worth more than 300W.
I might bite just to replace my 5 year old HP media refurb.

I will add, it doesn't look like you can downgrade to W7 either as another user said
"You get stuck with Windows 8 because Windows 7 is not supported on this machine. HP have not bothered to write the necessary drivers."


I agree with the specs being a good deal and the SSD for the OS. Windows 8 only? Just lost interest!


10-4 on the dud OS. Was leaning that way myself 'till I read that.


Thoughts on if this run Windows Server 2008 R2?