dealspizza hut large for meduim charge starting at $8


I tried this deal last week and they gave me a medium. Not saying it isn't valid - just saying that my local store screwed me on this deal.


Just tried to redeem this deal in the 21093 zip.
"We're sorry but this store is not participating in this deal"


Tried this in 78226 zipcode, basic without any toppings is $13 not the $8 as advertized


Aren't they already running a weekday special with large pizzas for $7.99? I think with two toppings. Might be carryout only.


Here's the details per the Pizza Hut site:

Large for Medium Charge

Enjoy a Large pizza for the price of a Medium pizza. Choose from our Hand-Tossed, Pan or Thin ‘N Crispy crusts. Get cheese for just $8, 1 topping for $10, 2 toppings for $11 or any specialty pizza for $12.

ADDITIONAL CHARGE FOR EXTRA CHEESE. Crust availability, prices, participation, delivery areas and charges, and minimum purchase requirements for delivery may vary


*You're not going to get an $8 pizza because a pizza with just cheese is lame. Muaa haa haa haaaaaaaa! [thunder crackles]


I manage a pizza hut and this ad is different from the website, which is different from our store, which is different from the store down the street etc. You have to call and find out the details until its ironed out. We are charging $8 for a 1 topping large, anything other than one topping bumps you up to the $10 whatever you want category. Just ask the CSR to clarify the deal when you call.


I got this deal in Zip 77586. Like it says, I got a large for $8, but they charged for any toppings. A Super Supreme was $13. The detailed info was on a posted letter that says the cost of all the toppings was going up. You get what you pay for and I eat too much pizza anyway. One more reason to skip pizza night.