dealsstill live - free 8x10 canvas + shipping or 40…


Wish I had seen this a few hours ago so I could add a comment while it was still on the Fresh page. This morning's mail brought the order I placed when this was a sponsored deal last week. I ordered the 8"x10", no frills, no touch ups or color adjustments, and I must admit being pleasantly surprised. Yes, it just looks like a photo that was developed onto a sheet of canvas, but all in all, once I get it framed, it will make a nice Christmas gift for my Dad.

One minor point, I think the company asks a way too much for framing services. I am positive I can beat their prices at my local Michael's pretty much any day of the week without a coupon.


Shipping was $14.95 to my house, but this is still much cheaper than I've seen most companies charge for the same size printed wrapped canvas.