dealsstraight talk® sim card, only $4.99 w/ no…


is a monthly payment / plan required to use it ?

from their site
45 per month - Unlimited Data, Talk & Text

So what is the deal here ?


Allegedly, and mentioned on their site, you can jailbreak your iphone, and still use the AT&T network with unlimited talk, text, and data for the $45 per month...........

Goes for other phones and services too, but that's the one that interests me the most. Paying way more than that currently. Luckily grandfathered in to the unlimited data. Never changing that... EVER!

Anyone else have any other info?


@pamipa: Jailbreaking is not necessary for StraightTalk to work on an iPhone- you just need to install their custom APN settings, and it'll work just fine; no hacks necessary. Straight Talk uses AT&T's network, so no unlocking of the phone is required.


Could this be used in a laptop that takes a sim card and is already wired for broadband?


@abrapike: yes you pick $30 for 1000 minutes/1000 texts per month and minimal data (they do NOT roll over) Or $45 for unlimited talk/text. The sim works in almost anything but Blackberrys and some prepaids.


@pamipa: it will not work in an iphone unless it's a custom one that takes a SIM card. There is of course no where to put a SIM in an iphone. It does not work with mine, period. Even when changing the settings.


@abrapike: The sim card is for an unlocked smart phone like the Nexus 4, for example. You can buy from google and hook up with Straight Talk and use their $45 monthly plan.


@thebrandon1: it doesn't have to be unlocked. It can be Tmobile or ATT also, that is not an unlocked phone


@lori2106: I have an AT&T iphone. And yes, it does have a sim card. It's a microSim that sits in the top of the phone. on the 3GS, it's on the top of the phone, on the 4 and 4S, it's on the right side of the phone. I will assume, in this case, that it can work.

Definitely going to give it a shot. No contract... then TOTALLY worth trying it out.


Edit that: the 3GS has a regular sim. NOT a MicroSim


@lori2106: by "custom iPhone that takes SIMs" you mean ones that work with AT&T?

I've been on Straight Talk for a few months, and I have nothing bad to say about them. I was on T-Mobile, then T-Mobile's prepaid, then SimpleMobile, and now Straight Talk. Unlimited everything for $45 is really hard to beat, and they don't seem to impose any stupid speed caps or limitations on their service.

Granted, I only use a few hundred minutes, a few thousand texts, and maybe half a gig of data per month. I've heard that if you try to use 2gb/mo they'll cut you off, but I don't need that much, so they've never had an issue.

I plan to stay with them until something better comes along. Really, I have no problem with $45/mo for unlimited everything.


What are the data plans? Can I still use the phone's WiFi & connect to WiFi home networks to not charge data toward the data plans?


@csfoley: The data plans are for when you're not in range of a wifi connection that your phone has been configured to connect to. You can ALWAYS turn of Cellular Data and use the wifi only specifically if you prefer.


Well, the coupon code doesn't work.... Get to checkout, and the price shows 9.99 + tax.... useless deal


I have a grandfather $79 dollar plan with Tmo. So with this sim, I can connect to my cell and still use Tmo service and have unlimited services for 45 a month? So I suppose I would be disconnecting my service with Tmo as well, correct? How is the the service? Dropped called, Text, speed etc.


I'm trying to buy just the sim card, but no matter what I do, the final price comes to $10.86.

So much for $4.99 plus free shipping


yes, but isn't this GSM network a slower network? Aren't we all on 4G now? (you must forgive me because I am really not sure what I'm talking about...)


FYI, Directly from the site:

In order to Activate your service, you will need a Service PIN or a credit card and a GSM AT&T or T-Mobile phone or an unlocked GSM phone.

Some services may not work depending on your phone.

This program does not work with TracFone, SafeLink, NET10, Telcel America, Straight Talk, BlackBerry, or CDMA (i.e. Sprint, Metro PCS) phones.

In order for your phone to work properly, you must update the APN data settings, also called the Access Point Name, which
can be found on the Red Activation card or the website.

No Refunds will be issued for this SIM Card or the Service PIN.

Cheapest shipping method: Fedex 3-day Ground $4.99

They must tape each of these sim cards to a gallon of milk to get these rates from fedex.


No workie for me either. It reduces the cost of the SIM but no free shipping.


@yobackman According to the listing title, "$9.99 or more, get free shipping". So just one $4.99 SIM card isn't enough for free ship.

When researching Straight Talk, I found many reports of people getting their data cut off because they were using a streaming media service (Pandora, Slacker, YouTube, etc.) It is unclear if this is strictly prohibited by the terms of service.

Excerpt: "Examples of prohibited uses include, without limitation, the following: (i) continuous mobile to mobile or mobile to landline voice calls; (ii) automated text or picture messaging to another mobile device or e-mail address; (iii) uploading, downloading or streaming of audio or video programming or games; (iv) server devices or host computer applications, including, but not limited to, Web camera posts or broadcasts, automatic data feeds, automated machine-to-machine connections or peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing; or (v) as a substitute or backup for private lines or dedicated data connections."


Sounds awesome. Wife spends over $100 on her iPhone. even if it does not work, I'm okay with spending up to $10 to find out.

So, at check-out under shipping:
3-day ground - $4.95
but then
FedEx FREE Overnight - $14.95.

I'm confused, is it free or not?
I suppose I will call their customer support and ask. Results to follow.


Seems pretty dodgy to me. All kinds of disclaimers and limitations.

I was looking for an inexpensive carrier with just texting and data for a recently retired gsm phone/tablet.


Free shipping on SIMs costing $9.99, but apply the WOOTSIM coupon to bring the $9.99 cost down to $4.99, and you no longer qualify for free shipping, so you have to pay $4.95 for 3 day shipping.


@johnhatchett If T-Mobile would work for you in your area, check out their $30/month "Unlimited text and data plus 100 minutes" plan ( SIM card can be ordered online for $0.99.


No free ship with sim + plan, coupon code gives discount only.


@terrencegf: So what's the point of having unlimited data if you can't use it for anything?


@kaozskyblade: All caps WOOTSIM worked for me just now.


I've been on this for months and its great. Bought one for my Android and another for my wifes iPhone. Data speeds are the same as when I was on AT&T, but i'm saving $100 plus a month on both of our lines. You can get the free overnight shipping if you buy the first month of service with the SIM. If you don't believe me, read the reviews from Gigaom, 9to5Mac and Androidandme and they all say this is the best deal going.


@tcayer: I would like to know this as well. Thought about it, but since I stream my music through Google Play at work (like many workplaces in America, my work doesn't allow personal use of wifi) it seems I am right out.


There's a lot of confusion about what exactly Straight Talk (an MVNO cellular provider) is.

I suggest taking a look at

Great site and will help you understand how the device you pick determines what network you operate on (e.g. Verizon, ATT, Tmo, Sprint). Regardless of the network, you pay $30 for 30 days worth of service of 1000min and 1000txt, or $45 for 30 days of unlimited talk and text. Virtually unbeatable for an iPhone on ATT or Tmo (if the service is good in your area).


The StraightTalk website says you can't get the $30 plan with the SIM, only the unlimited $45 plan is available.

"*Straight Talk SIM does not work with the $30 All You Need Plan."


Free shipping is no longer an option if you just buy the card...


I have had straight talk for over a year on unlimited plan, if you go over 100mb a day or 2gb a month they throttle it down to almost nothing. I was getting on average 2 meg download speeds and it went to 80Kb cause I used to much data in one day!! You can't do anything when they throttle it down


Can't say I have run into the 100MB per day limit or gone over 2GB but for $45 a month its been a great deal. My only complaint is if your at any event with a large number of ATT subscribers on the same tower as you, your data basically is turned off and you can make phone calls and text but no picture of video text because you are being bumped offline to make room for all those people paying big bucks to ATT for premium access to their data.

If you can get past that its a great deal for the average joe. I know I love not paying 70-90 dollars a month for service.

Oh and if you have a HSPA+ phone you do get 4G high speeds from my experience.


Deal worked for me. Added 3 cards (to get the total over $9.99) and WOOTSIM in the promo code, selected overnight shipping (still said $14.95) and got a discount at the end.

AT&T Compatible Micro SIM Card - In Stock $9.99 3 $29.97
Subtotal (before discount): $29.97
Discount Total: - $15.00
Freight Total: + $14.95
Freight Discount Total: -$14.95
Tax: + $1.24
Grand Total: $16.21


Whats with all these people with iPhones... blend it(it does blend) and go get an android...


So you have to cancel with your current provider (TMO) right?


@angryangel10: Yes, you would buy the T-Mo SIM from their site and drop it in your phone and be good to go for $45/mo. You can do a number transfer when you set up the service on their site, and when you do so, it'll cancel your T-Mo service as part of the process. If you don't transfer your number, you'll have to cancel your T-Mo service yourself.

I have no problems with dropped calls or anything. Speeds are the same as I got on T-Mo, and 30x more than I got with Simple Mobile and their nonsense data speed caps.

Of note is that they don't support roaming, meaning if you have to drive to the boonies on occasion you should look elsewhere. It's not a problem for me as everywhere I've gone since getting the service is in range, but YMMV.


@chefalexander: GSM and CDMA are the two cell technologies out there. The technology and whether your provider supports 4G are entirely unrelated.


@pamipa: some do not take a sim, they are microsim for 99% of phones but I have confirmed mine does not have it


@korpo53: I use tmobile too now and have
an iphone on verizon. tmobile sucks but it's cheap
and the bill is no where NEAR what it is on other
carriers. I am in a grandfathered plan, 79.99 for
four lines, two are android lines