deals4 for $10 bagged mulch for $10.00


Home Depot has 6 for $10.00 Red only till 4/25/12. Your local price may differ slightly. Item #490478.


Thanks! Now I know what I will be doing this weekend. (yeah me.)


HD may have better deals but I still need to up-vote this so people check it out. If my math is right (27cu ft. per "yard") this deal is actually better then the bulk stuff delivered to my house. Yes it's delivered, but it's also colored and better quality.


Or, contact your city. The city of Boise makes mulch from all their tree trimmings, etc. It's actually pretty nice, although it only comes in brown. $15 a yard. Usually a MUCH better price than you'd get at Lowe's/Home Depot.

Contact your city and find out if they have something similar available.


the local gas station down the street sells mulch 4 for $10 all spring and summer


The Preen weedstopper mulch is regularly 3 for $10 at Lowe's, and is sometimes 4 for $10. The quality and colorfastness of the Preen stuff is much better if you want to spring for it. Actually controls weeds really well, too.



Which store are you getting that price for ? NH is showing up as $3 a bag, making Lowes still the better deal.
Would love to get mulch for $2 or less a bag!!

Per yard, (27 cu ft) 2cu ft goes 13.5 to get to 27 cu ft, then $2.50 so $33.75 per yard for comparison on stuff that would be delivered.


Update...just checked my HD and they have some for the same price (4 for $10) but nothing cheaper like others have found so it must be regional.

Also...I've used city mulch (it was actually free where I used to live) and it contained more weeds than my yard. I was pulling weeds out all season that I could tell were rooted only in the mulch. It's because the mulch is made from any old crap that people dropped you have to be careful with city mulch.

Had the same problem with bulk stuff I PAID for. The only success I've ever had with mulch is bagged stuff that is pre-screened for content before it's mulched. Sad...but true.


I bought 20 bags last year from lowes and they were 3 cu ft bags, not 2 cu like these. I paid about 2.89 a bag, so you are getting less than last year and paying a little more per cu ft.


@casey00001: Not a valid SKU in Arizona at least. Lowes was a great deal though.


Not too surprised, price of fuel has gone up since last year. So just tally in the gasoline/diesel equipment to make mulch, then deliver to HD/Lowes.
After calling around my local places, whom I would like to do business with, none was willing to waive the delivery charge ($20-$30) even on 8 yard of mulch. And all where consistently $3 a yard more. I need about 6-8 yard of mulch, one would think they could meet the price to get the business, unless the profit margins on mulch are that slim ?