dealssurvival nylon braided parachute cord bracelet…


"Can make an emergency trap, tie temporary tents, wear a set of equipment to prevent the function is lost and so on, to do emergency" This might be the best description I've ever read.


I had one of these, but lost it. Time for a new one I think.

vote-for6vote-against has them in several colors and camos, with steel shackles, compasses or whistles. $3.25 and up, but free shipping.


Please buy American, veterans day is also right around the corner!


@elveez: Still worth every penny, lifetime guarantee if you ever have to use it. Try this coupon code to save 10% and free shipping: SHIPANDTEN


@samiam2k3: What about someone buying this bracelet and donating the $20+ they saved to the V.F.W., other Veterans' groups, or to post-Sandy relief and cleanup efforts?


I've learned that it's always handy to have some sort of rope, cord or strong twine around. Getting a couple of these, with one to live in my car just in case.


My uncle dexter wears one and keeps a shovel and pair of latex gloves in his trunk, just in case....


@elveez: The purpose of this bracelet is that it may one day save your life. Do you trust $3 worth of cordage?


@smedrick: The chance that ANY bracelet will save your life is so slim that you are better off spending the $3 on cigarettes, and enjoying a final smoke.


@smedrick: You'd be surprised at how cheap 550lb paracord is - like less than $10/100feet. The difference between the cost is American labor costs, taxes, etc. Also, I think the Meritline price is a loss-leader with limited stock at that price to get email addresses.


@samiam2k3: Are you serious? Buying a product simply because it's made in america is the epitome of ultra nationalism. If the united states can't produce a better or cheaper product there's no reason you should buy it, and buying it just lowers the efficiency of the market (extending the death of a non-competitive firm).

Do you only go to doctors from the U.S. too?


If it's 7.48" without the buckle, how long is it WITH the buckle?
The info isn't on the web site.
My wrist is 9" around. Yeah, I have a hell of a time finding a comfortable watch.


these are fairly simple to make yourself. For about $6-$10 on amazon, you can buy enough cord and buckles to make at least a dozen. There are tons of youtube videos showing how to do the different braids, and you can use anywhere from 2-5 colors as well.


People want cheap, people want to support America....

All to often I see the Americans that we want to support, just wanting to get rich though. The same business owner complains about the "cost" of things and then in the same breath charges more than whats necessary.

Not that its going to fix itself but people seeking the correct things (ie not getting rich quick) would make people want to spend their money in America without a doubt.


I just walked through the checkout process for This is a perfect example of what I am talking about, they are even making as much money as possible by doubling the shipping costs.

First class mail is probably around $2.00 (there are some extra costs with first class like packaging etc). They are charging $4.95

Priority, if sent flat rate would be $5.15 with no extra costs. They are charging $10.95

These guys are making more than the original post JUST in their shipping margins.

Funny that everyone want prices to be lower but no one takes the opportunity to do it when given the chance. Sad.