dealslenovo multimedia remote keyboard for $27.99…


I loved the first generation of this that I had, even if it did just recently fall apart after about a year of continuous service. I understand this version fixes a lot of problems that the earlier one had. I'm in for one.

Although, I must warn that Lenovo is one of those merchants that require a signature for delivery. I swear my UPS guy makes a game of escaping as soon as he begins knocking on my door. I've missed every single Lenovo delivery I've ever ordered, and had to go pick it up at the warehouse. Be forewarned.

EDIT: Hold the phone here, dorks. This is a non-backlit version? I know the second iteration of this was backlit. Did they go and make an inferior version of it for no reason?


@stark: I think this is the non-backlit version of the backlit version. That is, same guts and design changes as the backlit version (no more physical trackball, for example), just minus the light. The backlist version is $12 more at


Yeah, I saw that too, although it shows up as discounted to $39.99 for me.

Just the same, I'd prefer the backlit version if there's a chance we could get it. The coupon code doesn't work for that one, but maybe @prettywootprincess can pull some strings here?


Too bad they didn't make it with a trackpoint.


I'm a little weary of Lenovo, last time I bought some earbuds from them and they broke the second day. Several months later I'm still trying to get hold of customer service, since they think I have a headset server, or that my earbud thinkpad isn't a vaild model.


I have both (the original with trackball, and the second kind - but WITH BACKLIGHTING) and they are sweet!! They work exactly as advertised. Great distances.

I would not get it without the backlighting. It makes a huge difference (worth the money). If this coupon starts working for the backlit one, then I'm in for 1. (I'll give the trackball one to my brother)


@superninja: Actually, I think it could go both ways here!


I stil own one of the pious models....great little keyboard...


I had the first gen, and then jumped at the backlit version when it came out. A decent deal, but with the ability to get the lit model for just a few more dollars, I'd say hold and wait for/get the lighted keyboard.


I seem to be one of the few that did not like the first edition. No back light is definitely an issue for me. Also, for those of you with fingers larger than those of a seven-year-old girl, you may need to consider a dialing wand.


@joconnol: Do you just mash the keypad to order one?


I have the first model and the newer backlight model. The newer one is definitely better (you can't pick up the first gen without the trackball thing moving the cursor around the screen and the newer one has a scroll feature). That being said, I use it every night in bed to control the TV-connected computer and I don't even know how to turn on the backlight. I've never used it. I know there is a switch on the back and a button on the front that I can never find in the dark. So, I guess I would recommend this one since I don't find the light to really be that helpful.


This is basically a TV remote for your computer, so if you have never had a backbit version you may be able to get by, but if you've had the backlit version you will not be happy with not being able to see what you are typing at night while watching TV. I had the trackball version and now have the lit version and I love this piece, I could never go back. Lenovo is IBM so you don't have to worry about that.


@markstevewalker: Lenovo purchased the Thinkpad line from IBM, and inherited the Thinkpad call center in Georgia. So, they're still selling the stuff IBM sold, and I've been pretty happy with their Thinkpads, but they're not IBM.


Will this work with a PS3?


...How about Wii compatibility? Any chance?