deals50' glow-in-the-dark rope for $3.99 + freeā€¦


So, OP, where's the code for the free shipping?


The selling site shows two different types of rope, so which is it?


@deadersocks: description says polypropylene, basically plastic; so, hell no.

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Coupon code for free shipping is glow4me


You could pay $3.99 + $1.99 shipping... Or if you have a Harbor Freight in your area you can go there and get the same exact thing for $3.69.


Huh. What I had was a legitimate question. Unsure why was deleted.


Looks like the whole order ships free when using the code.


UPDATE: Used the provided code that wasn't provided on my earlier post and got my whole order shipped free. Honestly speaking, i think the rope shipped free only because i bought the pick shovel which was listed at 6.99 on my order and after said and done with after paying, an AD popped up saying buy these other incredible deals and the pick/shovel's price was now listed at 4.99 plus 2.99 shipping. Only discount i got off the shovel even after buying the rope was 1.00 plus what ever shipping was for the rope. It's funny how they mention these free shipping deals and some how they manage to get these sneaky prices by ya to only afterwords get busted showing other prices. Just for curiosity i added another rope deal and the shovel for 4.99 and tried to enter the coupon for it only not to work. Bottom line, i paid 2.00 shipping for both items snartpost. I ordered something from another site and my order was shipped smart post, the darn thing took 11 days to arrive shipped from ny to ny!


Smart post fedex is the most degrading shipping anyone could ever ship an item. Example: Ordered something from another site, my order shipped fedex smart post. 11 days ago it was shipped from n.y and going to n.y and my order still hasn't arrived yet.