dealsmp3 player, sansa fuze plus 8gb for $29.99 + freeā€¦


I bought two of these recently; one for me, and one for my daughter. We absolutely love them, and they are almost constantly attached to us. It's important to figure out the locking mechanism (push down on the power and then quickly push the "up volume" button on the side), otherwise the slightest touch will change or replay your song. The screens are very sensitive; even though I put a screen saver on top of mine. I love how it shows the album covers as it plays each song, and you have numerous choices of how to play your songs (shuffle, by artist, by alphabet, by playlist, etc...). Our's were only $25, and worth every penny. They are Rhapsody compatible, if that is a service that you use (I highly recommend it!).


Perfect! Just what I needed....