deals$72: nationwide airfare sale


There are some great deals there. Just because you live in Anchorage and can't fly to Miami for $72 is no reason to down-vote - Sheesh!


oh, travelzoo. woot must keep bringing them back thanks to all the positive feedback that fills the comments!


@almartino: Or maybe they realize that the people who downvote it are the ones who don't understand it or just jump on the hate train because they can't get a $72 flight from where THEY live. Same thing as a car dealership saying "we have cars starting at $10,000!" Do you honestly expect to walk onto the lot and get a Lamborghini for 10 grand? I use Travelzoo all the time and they are the shiznit! They are a travel deal aggregator, nothing more. Yet people down vote them because it's trendy. And the usual excuse is "I've never used Travelzoo! And I never will! Because they...uh...everyone else don't like the...well...yeah!"


or its the people that don't want to have to sign up for a mailing list just to see the damn deal


@ninjamurf: Or maybe you're jumping to conclusions about people you don't know.

I don't want to give someone my email just to shop on their site. In fact, I refuse to do business with anyone who requires it, because in my experience they are just filthy spammers.


@whtthfgg: Whether or not you have to sign up for a mailing list has no effect on whether or not it's a deal. How much is Gmail charging for new accounts these days?


@editorkid: More hoops than I care to jump through to see a deal. Be my guest if that is what you wish


A deal is not a deal when you have to provide your info to see it then 2 years down the road you get spam because their crappy site sells your info to someone else.


@triplebud: That's why I never use my regular email, I always use what I call my "junk mail" account. I create what amounts to a throwaway account to use for things like this, then check it about once a week or so. I've found some good deals that way. And when the account starts getting overly flooded with spam, I deactivate the account and create a new one. More than some people want to go through, I know, but it works for me.



You should really just use, or some other disposable inbox.



Excellent idea, Amos! I've heard about them. So far, though, I find it is actually YEARS before my temp mail gets so inundated with spam that I have to kill it.

Of course, I don't sign up for that many things, so that probably has something to do with it...


Save yourself the trouble:
* San Diego - Las Vegas ... $72
* Fort Lauderdale - Orlando ... $88
* Los Angeles - Las Vegas ... $98
* Boston - Washington, D.C. ... $98
* Washington, D.C. - Ft. Lauderdale ... $114
* San Francisco - San Diego ... $118
* Atlanta - Orlando ... $138
* Seattle - San Francisco... $148
* Phoenix - Las Vegas ... $162
* Indianapolis - Denver ... $174
* New York City - Miami ... $175
* Los Angeles - Seattle ... $178
* Boston - Chicago... $192
* San Francisco - New York City ... $218
* Chicago - San Francisco ... $238
* Dallas - San Francisco ... $238


If you want cheap with limited number of cities, try Allegiant Air. Used them to fly my mother-in-law rt from Des Moines, IA to Sanford, FL. The drawback was the hour long drive to pick her up but the fuel cost was far less than the over priced airfare with the big names.