deals$50-$130 off ipad & ipad2 from apple refurb…


Apple refurbs directly from them are great, always seem like they are new products because of the quality in which they refurbish their products. Bought a few iPods and a Mac from their online refurb store and have always been very happy.


"But then you'd own an iPad"

"Hey, what's wrong with that? [quotes specs and stats]"

"Apple fanboy!"

"Am not I use Windows all the time think before you type"

"Prolly on your MacBook Pro."

"haha bill gates lovers cant evan spell"


Still more than twice the cost of a kindle Fire!


And even a larger factor more expensive than the HP Touchpad. No thanks, I'm saving the extra cash for retirement yo!


Shame on you for dropping this much cash on a toy! Just buy a laptop! Oh but it's Apple so you have to buy it, right! Wrong! Are you crazy? Save it for your kids' education! Save it for health insurance! Save it for retirement! The banks are taking over, leaving all of us with nothing!


The banks and corporations OWN the politicians. They don't care about you. Neither does Steve Jobs. They all care about the almighty dollar!


@power57: Agreed! I am typing away currently on my refurbished MacBook Pro. LOVE IT! Get the same great customer service as any other customer! :-) Highly recommend their refurbished products!


@unif2: not all of us live in poverty, and, an iPad is a great device for a kid's education.

come back when you have more drivel to parrot.


@unif2: lol such a hater

HP TP pre fire sale or pre failure were priced at 499.

btw, i own both (TP and ipad). TP are nice for the firewall price, but ghe user experience on an iPad are better


@unif2: Appropriate since the Fire does half as much.



Ever heard of books for a kid's education? They're much cheaper and they can even be free when borrowed from the public library. There have been millions of great people in the past, before the iPad was invented. Instead of sticking kids in front of an iPad, maybe they should be given books and maybe parents should interact with them more. Or do you solve the latter problem by sticking them in front of the TV to keep them occupied?


Why not give your kid a laptop? The iPad is really not for your kid, it's for you to play with. You're trying to justify a $499 + tax purchase on a toy for yourself, and struggling to do so.

The infallible Steve Jobs says the iPad will make your kids smarter, so it must be true!


Total nonsense, I use my iPad for for highly productive things. I made a custom swing arm mount with charger next to the toilet even.