dealscompletely restored ebook for $0.00


I first saw this and thought, "Why would an eBook need to be restored?" and "Is there a person who specializes in restoring eBooks?" Anyway, I figured it out. Free eBooks are good eBooks. This one looks like an interesting read. Thanks


@barnabee: This made me chuckle. Sorry. My fault. Should have listed the author's name. Or something. So it would have been less confusing.

Though, I will say that "restoring" ebooks, especially those by Indies (Authors who publish their own books) who have not bothered to have their books proofed &/or edited, is a real, screaming need.

I, too, love free books. If they're bad; I delete them, w/o finishing them. No need to prolong the agony. No money spent, just a little time.

And yet, there are really good free books available. Hope you enjoy this one. Hope I do, too. ;-)


Did enjoy this book. It's a 'time-travel' back 100 years. It held my interest. Different.