dealsworld alive botanicals exotic jungle for $12.99


Looks like a pretty good deal. Add the manufacturer to your search (fascinations) if you want to find out more since Discovery provides no info.


Do you have to supply your own plants?


Seed packets are included. Grow your own Venus Fly Traps, touch-sensitive, and other rare, interactive plants with this complete exotic jungle greenhouse kit. Includes: Mini Greenhouse Habitat, Seed Planting Tray, Dehydrated Coconut Soil Substrate, Rake, Trowel, and Shovel, Instruction and Activity Poster and Seed packets.


This thing is pretty small; Dimensions: 11.5 X 11.5 X 10 inches

Not that it was made out to be large or anything...just thought I'd share :D (I thought it was bigger from the thumbnail lol)


these kits dont will be more disappointed than amazed