dealsstar warfare : alien invasion (iphone - ipod…


Looks promising.

For those too lazy to click: it seems to be a 3D-rendered FPS. It is a universal app, and has a 4.5 star rating on both current and cumulative versions with over 2300 reviews. gave it a 4.5 star rating as well; gave it only 4. There are in-app purchases available, most of which are "Mithril packs;" there seems to be some sort of freemium system in place but I can't speak to how it affects gameplay. This is (developer) Freyr's only app in the App Store, so at least they don't seem to be one of the relentless freemium app cloners.


Ooh, interesting... it looks like a clone of a StarCraft third person shooter that doesn't exist (a la StarCraft:Ghost)


It's not a deal, it is always free: pay to buy any of the equipment in the video.

Video shows change of scenery but the arenas are irrelevant, just move around while a certain number of monsters spawn, then die or next level. rinse repeat.

(you can tell I wasn't a fan)