dealsmission impossible extreme blu-ray trilogy…


I'm sure this is a fine collection. But isn't there a fourth out now - Ghost Protocol? Why the heck would anyone buy the trilogy when a quadroly is likely to follow sometime. And are they done with the series or will there be a V? Or more?

I saw a similar type of collection for Harry Potter. Before the last movie came out. Again, WTF?


@sdm1177: I kind of agree with your thinking regarding the Potter films as there was a definite end to those.... With the MI films, using your logic, you may just be waiting and waiting for a complete collection b/c who knows how many more films they are going to make.
If you really wanted to own each of these (3) films but were waiting for the collection to come out then your only option is to purchase separately. That is where the advantage of buying this collection become apparent because each film is only $6.67. The cheapest I've come across any of the 3 MI blu-rays is $9


I haven't heard anything about updated releases yet but this is a decent set. I bought it when it came out and it had a $10 coupon to see MI4. Been watching them this weekend with the family to prepare them for MI4 on Tuesday. All the movies are only 5.1 which is my only real complaint.


How much more would I have to pay for them to leave out #2?


I don't have an extreme blu-ray player. I think mine is just a regular one, wonder if it will still work?


Support your favorite non-Earth based religion and buy this.