dealsvudu launches on roku | get $5.99 credit when you…


FYI. You get the credit for every Roku you activate it on. I own 2 and now have a credit for $11.98.

Happy Streaming (in HDX no less)


If you aren't near your Roku and want to go ahead and add the channel click the add channel link below.


just added! Thanks for the link, justafreak! Now I won't have to leave the house to rent a movie from Redbox..


HDX is incredible! VUDU loads fast, sounds and looks great. Watching Cabin In The Woods now in HDX.


If I read this correctly it doesn't work with my older XD? I guess I need to wait for a Roku 2 sale from Woot...


and this is why i check deals.woot daily....


@czetie: You did read it correctly. This does not work on the first generation Roku devices.


Added the channel and signed in, got my credit. Thanks !


WalMart has several games available for pre-order where you buy a $5 "reservation card" which you can redeem toward the game.
Each includes a bonus $4.99 VUDU credit which you get by simply redeeming online (linit of 5 per VUDU account).
However, the reservation card is actually a standard WalMart/SAMS gift card which you can redeem for anything in store or online at any time.
So, you simply buy 5 of these cards for $25 in store, and you can redeem the VUDU credits to get a total of $25 WalMart/SAMS gift cards and $24.95 VUDU credit for $25.00 total.
Find the cards in the gaming section of WalMart B&M.
To see what they look like, go to - it shows all the currently available ones.

Instructions to redeem VUDU credits are on the back of the cards, and at
You get the VUDU credits emailed to you instandly after entering the bonus codes found under the silver scratch-off panels on each reservation card at


Anybody know when skylanders xbox 360 will be back on zreward ?