dealstuneup: the must-have music organizing and…


Why so many negative votes?


Wow, I bought TuneUp with the lifetime subscription a year and a half ago for $25. Now it costs $50 on their website!


looks like the title should've said, "TuneUp: The Must-Have Music Organizing and Discovery App for any Apple product using Music Fan for $29.97 + free (download) shipping"



I used this to eliminate my thousands of duplicate copies of songs in itunes. My itunes was a complete mess for a variety of reasons but mostly due to my backing up the library in several places resulting in about 3 copies of each song. Unfortunately, itunes has no automated way to delete dupes (you can view your dupes but no way to auto delete them). TuneUp did an awesome job of deleting my dupes?... but be advised: 1. Only do about 500 songs at a time and 2. After deleting, the empty files remain in itunes. As such you still need to create a new itunes library and import the old one. When you do this, the empty files do not transfer. Problem solved (saving me days upon days of manual delete time)!


@jazzsinger99: Use MediaMonkey.....all those things you hate about iTunes, it can do no problem. You can sync your iPod and everything. I got it a couple years ago and haven't touched iTunes since.


@jazzsinger99: I also used this program a couple of years ago and had to do something similar.

What it purports sounds great, especially if you picked up your mp3s from a more, ahem, disreputable source... It'll get album art and other details. Problem is, it was so often wrong that I couldn't trust it and had to check it's work. I also had to clean up the folders like you said. For something that tries to charge so much for the service, it should need so much hand-holding.

BETTER BET: Subscribe to iTunes Match for $25. After matching your library, delete the matched songs (you'll have to trust the cloud a little), then re-download squeaky clean 256 kbps DRM-free mp3s with cover art, etc. Just remember to cancel iTunes Match before your year's up, unless you want to continue to use the service.


@jazzsinger99: any program you pay for, probably has a dozen freeware alternatives, usually with better UI, more functions and less bloatware.