dealscompetition series table tennis table set for $89…


I thought this was a great deal but it turns out Walmart has them at the same price and everywhere else sells them at $99. Must be cheaper construction than it looks.


The price on this makes me feel less than enthused about it being "competition series". Real competition quality table tennis tables are thousands of dollars. This could be a decent table to have around the house, but it's almost certainly not competition quality. I'll have Marketing Gimmicks for 1000, Alex.


According to the selling site, top comes in 4 pieces.
Might not be a show stopper, but worth knowing.


Anything used in competition is going to have a 1" top. I can't find the specs, but getting a 1" top at this price would be like getting a Bentley for the price of a Honda. Every table I've ever seen used in a competition cost more $1000. You can literally tap dance on a real competition table. Doubt you'll be able to do that with this. They put "competition" in the name, so that people who know nothing about table tennis will think they're getting a good table. People that actually play competitively or at least a tournament style/level of table tennis would not be fooled by such labeling and would automatically know this is just a cheap table.


This is a 4-piece table so skip it. Eventually, the smaller boards become a little warped and you end up with a 'lip' running down the middle of the table.

Get a 1-piece or 2-piece only.


This is not a 'competition' type table. The same table (but in green) is available at Walmart for same price (not a sale).


I have one like this--not this brand, but constructed and trimmed out just like this one. Got it for $40 at Target and almost feel cheated. The wheels in the center have popped out, just from moving it around. The top doesn't line up perfectly due to the construction and the whole thing makes Ikea look like Ethan Allen.


Beer Pong competition....