dealsselect 2 magazines for $8.00 + free shipping


They do not deliver to Canada. Even though I know I can get these magazines here. that's 30+ million people they are spurning!


@elahoda22: It's not Discount Magazines that does the delivery; they just sell the subscriptions. Each publisher is responsible for handling its own mailing lists.

Postage is higher for mailing magazines and other printed material to Canada than it is to the US. I suspect either Discount Magazines has chosen to keep their business model stream-lined and simple or there are other legal or technical issues at play here.


It's a good deal and I ordered a couple of magazines, but some people might want to know that the subscriptions don't start until February/March of 2014 (at least the two I chose).


@razer14: what magazines did you pick with the normal 4-6 week process time that is par for the course


@lynxeye: Men's Fitness and one of the photography ones as a gift. I just didn't want anyone to buy the magazine expecting it to start in January and then not actually start until March.