dealsgeneral mills cereals (6 flavors) for $2.00


Good plan in theory, but I'm not willing to drive all the way over to KMart just to save $1.69 on a box of Cinnamon Toast Crunch.


What kind of deal is this? My local grocery store has a huge box of cinnamon toast crunch on sale this week for 2.50. Plus, I could buy a huge bag of the generic brand (taste exactly the same) for 1.69.

So, I have to spend 20 bucks just to get a free box of cereal? lol


Umm no...See ya @ wally world! HUGE 40oz bag of malt-o-meal cereals for $5


@nerdtasticalone: for me, generic cereal always tastes stale and flavor off.

My personal opinon... :)


if my car ran-off cereal, this would be cheaper than buying GAS! :-p


Let's see...
I live in the Bay Area, and gas in my area is $4.69.
K-Mart is about 10 miles away, so to drive and save $1.69 while paying 3x more...

Seems worth it for me!


I never pay more than 50 cents for a box of name brand cereal.


The closest K-Mart to me is 36 miles away. No thanks.