dealszappos vip account


There's nothing VIP about this. You can call anything VIP, but when you give it away for free to EVERYONE, it then becomes just P.

There's nothing special about this either, they have been giving VIP access for free for at least a year, maybe longer.


Ugh! I can't stand these sites where to have to sign in just to see what they're selling or sign in just to see the shipping fee (laalo?)


It's basically shoes and clothing. Not really exciting. At least not for me.


I have been a VIP member for over a year and there is nothing special about it anymore. They used to make an effort to have you believe you were "appreciated" but not now. They have a 4:00PM cut off for next day shipping so when I did not get something I ordered next day as they promised I called and after about 15 minutes they came back and said the order was processed at 4:00:14 PM so basically I was out of luck. While they were technically correct, the old Zappos would have still got it here the next day or have been so embarrassed by the technicality that they would have made it right. In the good old days you used to be able to shop on Sundays before 4PM and get your items on Monday. Not anymore.


^agree but...
Zappos VIP is more of a deal than Amazon Prime xP


Why are people voting this up? This is not a "deal" and it has been available forever, to anyone, at any time.


As a former Zappos employee (not a customer service rep) all I can say in reply to these comments is lol.


Zappos has always had free overnight shipping... They don't tell you about it, but they always give it to you. If you take standard shipping, they always upgrade it for free to overnight, and they have always paid return shipping. This isn't anything special.