dealsretractable 3 section walking stick w/ compass…


This looks good but I am not going to get it. I was going to on impulse, but....

It has no Amazon or PayPal checkout, despite the PayPal logo on the page. They also want me to set up an account and I'm not that interested.


I had exactly the same experience.

No thank you!


I have used this site a few times before. It does have a PayPal checkout- I just used it. You select it during checkout process- switch drop down box from credit card to PayPal. I have not had any problems with this site before, but don't expect high quality goods- most of their products are relatively cheap chinese knock-offs; that said, still may have some value if you're looking for only casual use items.


@mountainmania and @jrhusc: This is probably the most reliable site I use when online shopping, so you don't really need to worry about their security. I've called their customer service number a few times and gotten a REAL LIVE HUMAN who helped me right away, too. Amazing! I wish more sites had live people to help you out.

As @thumbtacjack said, there is a way to use paypal (thanks for explaining that).


It is a safe site and if you have any issues their customer service is phenomenal. Shipping may be on the slow slide but it's fine.


Don't expect the compass to shoot a great azimuth but overall it's a good buy for the casual hiker.


I've used walking sticks similar to these when hiking and they really do help take the strain off my gimpy knees.

As far as the site goes, I've ordered from them before with no issues other than not terribly fast shipping. Otherwise, it's a solid site that sells inexpensive gear for inexpensive prices.


@gt0163c: Thanks for the info. I am actually just thinking of getting one for my walks around the neighborhood. There aren't a lot of free-range dogs that need to be discouraged, but it just seems as though it would be a helpful safety device. In addition, I've a bad ankle since I sprained it in May, and your note reminds me that this could be helpful for my gimpiness.

BTW, one of my neighbors regularly carries a golf club when she walks, and a very tall gentleman in the neighborhood carries a wooden walking stick taller than he is.


Low cost - great for cub/boy scouts. I'm thinking of picking up a few for hiking awards.


You can get the same one directly from Amazon, it just costs $1.14 more (with shipping).


Looks like a great stick and very useful on hiking trips, not so easy to get lost.


-What no GPS? deal breaker


Is there a different company between this site and They have the same ad...


@kwdavis: Jammin' Butter owns both sites and a few others. Sometimes the same item will jump between sites.


Looks like a good deal for survivalists or those looking to make a preparedness kit.


Does anyone know of a good place to get replacement tips? These wear out fast.


@halfme: Good question. I would think that any place that sells canes or walkers would have replacement tips that might fit. If you find something, please post back to let the rest of us know!