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Furminators are amazing. I have the long-haired version and paid something like $50 for it. And it's worth it - the thing gets such a crazy amount of hair off our golden I finally just get bored (and overwhelmed) and stop.


I don't know if I've had this brand in particular but I've used several variations of this AND I've used several "regular" brushes and these work 100x better than a normal brush. You can get a good one for cheap ($20-30) at Walmart too, but this seems to be a very good price.


I like these, but I really like the brushes with retractable bristles better.

It does a great job on the dog, and it can pick the hair out of the carpet so it doesn't blow the vacuum up.


@tsfisch: If you wash the dog and use the Furminator deshedding solution and then the furminator brush after they've dried, it works even better. I have a sheltie and an American Eskimo and they barely shed for about two weeks after I do this treatment on them. :)


I have one of these as well (cat/small dog size), and it's very good. My cat had developed minor matting, and this was able to remove them all. Be careful though, I have given my cat bald spots in the past by going over the same spot too many times.

The trick to these the the angle of the brush. I found with my cat, the metal needed to be nearly flush with his fur (the handle sticking nearly straight away from him), and using short, 1-3 inch strokes repeatedly.


Just to add on to the other comments. These things are amazing and work really well. Great price too. May have to pick this one to use as well.


I have one and love it, but if you search ebay for deshedding tool you can get one similar to this, just missing the "furminator" name plate, for less than $8, including the shipping. Here is the link


This is great! Looks like the sale is all sizes too.
I might get another.


All sizes are on sale! Cat and dog, long and short hair. All sizes.

The only complaint I ever heard about a furminator was the price was too high.

These work better than anything else I've ever seen. If you have a dog or cat, you need one.

I just got two more! One to keep in the car for after the dog park and one just for the cat. I know it annoyed the cat that it had to share with the dog.


i have a small one I use on my longhair cat. Works really well, but she doesn't like it. She likes the softer brushes. Doesn't matter. just hold her down and get that fur.


These work great and this is an excellent price. Highly recommended. I have a Lab and Golden Retriever mix that has long, thick hair. Can brush her for days with this and the hair just keeps on coming. Also helps that dogs like the feeling of this brush for some reason, she thinks she is being pet.