dealsfree super bright led headlamp work light combo…


Had 2 of those headlamps, gave them away as gifts. Ok for working under the car or garage, but definitely too heavy for running. Definitely not the same quality or brightness as a Petzl.


i have a few and keep them when the power goes out. it has helped a few times around here.


never got my $5 code last time I ordered from 13deals, so I'm done with them.


Anyone notice how it says "$4.99 flat rate site wide shipping shipping"?


says free shipping with code but at the end they still want your payment info and want to charge you 4.99 Whats up with that. Not Cool!!!! Your gonna lose customers that way


I think that it says the item is free PLUS get unlimited shipping on your entire order for 4.99 with the code. Presumably they will send a $5.00 gift code to your email later.


I got both of these items individually, and they are both very practical, and work well. Good to have around. I'd say worth it, and I would get this bundle if I did not already have these items.


my local dollar store has the head lamp for $2.


Personally, I think we should bury any deal that woot lists as free as that's what is done to our free deals.


I ordered a few things to have for smaller gifts for Christmas. Now to wait and see what my mystery gift will be.....;)


@starblazers: Me too! I had to make the $4.99 shipping worth it. I made sure to find other things that could be used as gifts and weren't just random junk that would collect...


@kamikazeken: hello there. Codes are emailed out by the system automatically to the email provided when ordering. If you didn't receive your code, it most likely was filtered or there was a typo in your email. Regardless if you contact us via ticket or phone we can give you a brand new one :)


I had one of these headlamps. Bright to begin with, but then developed a loose connection and had to be smacked multiple times to get it to project more than a foot or two. Then the plastic loop holding the strap broke off. You get what you pay for.


Sorry i'm just barely chiming in but I bought 2 of these and left them in the closet for a power outage and when we went to use them both of them were so cheap that when I picked up the one the lens part on the front fell off and the other just did not turn on. Don't have high expectations...


Took advantage of this deal before. There was a loose connection on the headlamp and the light would only come on if it was held upside down. A little extra padding (paper) shoved in the battery compartment fixed the problem and it worked as well as can be expected.