dealscenton dsp32gb-001 datastick pro flash driveā€¦


It's USB 2.0

I'll pass on this.


Very poor reviews (high failure rate) and the same price at Amazon.


Not a big fan of Centon. I've owned 3 and all failed within a year. 2 quit completely and 1 you have to push to the side of the USB port keep pressure on to work. Pass.


I've owned a 32GB Centon for a couple years now with no problems. Granted I just keep it plugged into my router so it sees zero abuse.


You should pass on this because it's Centon. Even though it's only USB 2.0, a cheap drive is a cheap drive.The cheap drives use cheap memory and controllers that might not even saturate the USB 2.0 bus. I have some good USB 2.0 thumb drives that perform better than other cheap USB 3.0. Spend the extra 3 buck and get a known manufacturer PNY, Transcend, Patriot... If you need speed spend more and get one that is actually has speed ratings and/or reviews that confirm performance.

Centon is junk though- don't buy this.


@sporadic: I have never heard of this, why would you need to plug a USB storage drive into a router? Do you use it as a form of cloud storage? or to stream music? I guess I could probably google it, but well I'm still just going to ask on here.


@itzspeldrong: If you're referring to the year 2000 there's no comma.


@pkrzycki: I use it as a network drive. My router has two USB ports for that purpose. I keep media on it which I can access from any of my computers, Xbox, etc.


I must chime in on Centon as well. I had one for a short time, it died and the company did not care. Avoid Centon!


I have a centon 64gb that I grabbed off of Woot. Like many of the other reviews here - it died within a very short period. I contacted them and they sent out a replacement, which has been working for at least a year now. YMMV.