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Is this $14.95 per candle? The page tittle says Candles (plural), but I don't see anything to reflect that in the description.


$15 for one? This is a deal...?


There's also a coupon code of 25YES for 25% off, but it looks like this is still that much per candle... I was able to find something similar on a timer for less from Target. Not sure this is that good of a deal.


I was looking for how many candles came with it. NOBODY will buy without that knowledge.


It is ONE Candle.. I just checked out the Brookstone site and it's for one candle. Granted it is better than some because it does have the dust/dawn sensor to help save on battery life, but from experience with MANY of these types of candles, you are better off going with the drug store variety, with the dusk/dawn sensors. This is NOT a deal although it is a savings from what brookstone normally sells these for. Sadly brookstone is highly overrated on most of their products.

Oh but on the site if you buy 8 or more they will kindly kick in an extra 20% off... wow. (insert sarcasm here)