deals5 pieces superbright led keychain flashlight for…


You get ONE piece for $1.19 and if you try to order the 5 piece package, the coupon does not work.

And despite the free shipping advertised here and on the website, at final checkout it wants $8.48 shipping.
No deal. Downvoted.

edit: On a side note, trying to add 5x 1 piece did not work either, and naturally was more even expensive.


You get 1 pack of 5 when you order 1. Coupon is only good for 1 pack of 5.


@greg57vw: I if you read my comment, that was the first thing I tried. The coupon didnt work for me, YMMV.


Still alive - I just checked and the coupon code worked at 9:06am PST


Sigh, not the first time I've been wrong today