dealsamazon kindle fire hd ereader 16gb wi fi 8 9…


That is only $10 less than a brand new one, not a good deal


"Seller refurbished". Anyone have any experience with this?


@jencook: You are referring to the 7" model. New the 8.9" goes for $270 with ads.


This is the 8.9" which is $269 new direct from Amazon.


Also- scroll down in their details it then contradicts itself and states 7". I'd ask for details from the seller first.


The perfectly sized tablet. Load 1market on there and you have access to all the free Anrdoid apps from the regular play market. There is even a mostly usable version of ADW Launcher that even works for it now.

I always felt 7 inches was too small, and 10 inches did not feel right in my hand.


@freakdiablo: Depends on the seller, doesn't it? Now, look at the seller's score. 98% is low for an ebay seller of this quantity. I would imagine their own QA is not so great.


@skytimelapse: Yeah, kind of figured it depends on the seller. Was just curious if anyone had any first hand experience.


@freakdiablo: This is not a very good eBay seller. 98% is very low. Generally any seller with a BADGE on the listing saying TOP RATED can be trusted. I never hesitate when I see that. Even if there is a problem, that badge tells me they will be helpful in the Customer Service area.


The Nook deal at 269 with 70 dollar gift card at Walmart was a better deal than this. Got a new product, and the nook is quite easily rooted compared to the HD 8.9"


@bretbeermann: Yep, trying to figure out how to root mine, to install an unlocked android.
Confusing though, cause mine has two 8gb partitions.
Don't care to make a backup either.