dealsl. frank baum's oz: the complete collection for…


But does it include 14 illustrated books with bonus features?

LOL! Great deal! I actually have the set in paperback, but I'm an eBook hoarder and had to get this, too. Thanks!


From a review:
What they don't tell you is that the ebook just has links to Libravox recordings, which aren't very good in my experience (but I haven't tested out the OZ books). The illustrations are cool, but the JPG compression on them makes them look pretty grainy.


@omnichad: The "JPG compression" isn't the issue. The problem is the JPG is too low of a resolution, being displayed in a way higher resolution. That makes it "grainy".


99 cents is still more than these cost at the Gutenberg project.


According to the reviews, only the first book is illustrated.


The shower scene illustrations from the prison were very graphic IMO.

Wait, am I thinking of the same Oz?


You can get all these books for free from Amazon if You could careless about electronic illustrations.


Oh, they were careless, that's how the HBO Oz illustrations got in there in the first place.