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At $4 a replacement cartridge, this is no bargain! Unless you already have the cartridges and need a handle, I'd avoid this - but then I think we should eschew all fancy frilly razors in favor of more traditional double edged safety razors (which cost mere pennies a blade versus dollars)


Usually ships within 2 to 4 weeks.


I agree that the replacement cartridge is too much and weakens the deal here BUT I do have to say that I like the trimmer better than the $100 trimmer I was using before. For that alone it's worth the money and I highly recommend it!!


Cartridges can be had for 16 for about 46 at Sams and frankly I find they last a pretty long while.. Given, I have never tried this safety razor thing going on, so I would not have an opinion there, but I have had a straight razor shave before that was fantastic, smooth for almost a week. When I run out of cartridges maybe I will switch over, but seeing as I go through one every few months or so, I should be fine for a while. I just replace when it irritates me, which I know is not what Gillette says, but if I went by their math I would be replacing once a week and that is just wasteful. Once my cartridges run out though, I will give this safety razor a try, seems most gents like it.. Good deal OP, been wondering if they were worth a jump or not..