dealsgermguardian uv-c sanitizer wand – refurbished…


I wonder if they sanitized it after it was used? I'm guessing it cant sanitize its self.

I might get this just to use on my dog after she comes inside. When outside she just loves to hang out in bushes other dogs pee on. I would use this on her paws mostly.



UV-C is bad for living creatures. do not use on skin or anything living that you value other than plants.


It would not hurt to use safety glasses or sunglasses when using this product. Clothing that covers exposed skin is a good idea as well. Do not point this device towards any ones face or eyes, uv can do permanent damage to eyes.


@mybestuser1: thanks

I got one. I promise to not use it on my dog. I will use it on the bathroom and kitchen :)

great tips thanks


I bought one. I wish they accepted paypal. They have been selling these at Costco for sometime and I have wanted to buy one for a while but the price has always been to high. PS I have a uv mineral lamp that kills germs but it is very old and even more dangerous than this very useful product.


@fit410s: Are you sure that link to Amazon is the same item? The one being sold for $17.99 is the RLW18 but the link to Amazon is LW18. This guardiantechnologies site does sell the LW18 too but it's $49.99.

Maybe the "R" stands for Refurbished and that's why it's cheaper?


@cengland0: I think its the same

the picture is exactly the same. yes I think the R stands for refurbished

word up


I'm sure it's totally irrational, but something about buying a used product that's meant to be around 'unsanitary' conditions eeks me out.


I've read these are useful to destroy dust mites/bedbugs and other disgusting pests too as well as germs.

Simply put, it works by destroying dna so reproduction is impossible.

You don't actually "touch" this lamp to icky things you pass it over it - so refurb might be okay.


This makes my inner sanitarian happy.


This should prove to be useful for home brewing! In for 1.


Bear in mind that you are killing all bacteria, not just bad ones, with this. Beneficial/non-harmful bacteria are necessary, and also attack, and/or displace the harmful ones. Once you embark in the sanitizing endeavor, you can't really stop.

Instead, clean surfaces normally with soap and water (or a cleaner/detergent), wash your hands frequently, eat a balanced diet, and get plenty of rest and exercise. That should be all the help your immune system needs under normal circumstances.

Maybe if you travel then you'd want to use this, but as for use in the home, I think it's a bad idea.


This will NOT kill bed bugs nor their eggs. Actually bed bugs are easy to kill. One part of rubbing alcohol to one part of water will kill the bugs. Heck plain soap will kill the bugs. It's the eggs that are the real problem. They are sticky and will not be killed by soap, alcohol or insecticides not designed to kill them.

So while you can easily kill or vacuum up the bed bugs themselves unless you kill the eggs, they'll be back.


New price $19.99 and no mention of free shipping. the deal is over.