deals2008 vinum cellars california merlot half case…


I do not <3 referral links


@chipgreen: Deals.Woot automatically converts to their referral links; why would you have problem with the Woot staff from getting some Christmas present at the end of the year? I don't.

JumboWoot has confirmed this publicly. I am still posting because I have no intention for my own benefit.


@lll0228: okee, I just know that some people were previously banned from wine.woot for posting lot18 referral links. I wonder who gets to buy all that free wine at $25 a pop per referral?


@chipgreen: No worries. You probably just didn't know about that conversations. :)

I actually suggested that Woot should reach out to the flash sale site as a new source of income. I am a fellow tech entrepreneur, I am on Woot's side.