dealscomplete pair of prescription eyeglasses with…


Wow, a COMPLETE pair of glasses?! For a moment a feared I might buy a pair of glasses with only one lens or something.


We ordered glasses for our son from this company. The glasses also took about 6-8 weeks to arrive and they arrived with one lens about a 1/2 inch thick and the other thin like his old glasses. He could NOT see out of them.
Customer service was terrible.
Don't waste your time or money. We ended up donating the glasses to the Lion's Club hoping someone could use them, or they could at least use the frames.


I have had fair service and have purchased 4 regular glasses and 2 sunglasses from them. I love both pairs of sunglasses, 2 pair of regular glasses were horrible looking in person, I like the other pairs of glasses but one of them is just slightly off and I can use them but my eyes have to adjust to them. Shipping on my last order took about 8 weeks.


Coupon code only takes off $5.95 so if you want them for $1 you have to look at really cheap glasses. Selection kinda limited.

I've bought two pairs in the past, one good, one terrible. Customer service kinda sucks


I've gotten one pair from them in the past for a similar price, maybe slightly more (total cost was somewhere around $5-$10 with shipping). They're very lightweight, almost flimsy, but they look ok and get the job done at a great price. I feel like I probably would want a nicer pair to wear daily, but I wear contacts and am satisfied with these as a backup. I might get another pair.


I share danoumas' sentiments. They aren't bad, nor great. I'm wearing a pair now. All of the cheap frames are chinease no-names, but that doesn't matter to me. None in that price range tend to have things like springs in the arms, but they seem to work fine for me. You will need to carefully measure both your pupillary distance and frame size (use a pair you already have to figure the frame size out). I don't recall it taking a full 8 weeks to receive mine, but it has been a while.
While these aren't the best glasses ever made it sure beats paying the $100+ I've paid for frames at Dr. Bizer's that broke after a month or two.


You can't expect designer frames and fancy lenses with flawless customer service for a dollar. I've ordered a couple of pairs from this place and while the frames do look a little dorky, I can see perfectly with them and don't have to have my contacts in all the time anymore. It's a good idea to note the actual dimensions of the frames that you're looking at, as they tend to appear larger than they are when you do the whole upload a photo/try them on thing. You get a lot more than you pay for with these things; just have realistic expectations.


The prices look good and their online help is good in helping you figure out what size frames to buy. BUT what they don't make clear is that you must set up an account BEFORE you place your order or else you have no way of tracking your order. If I blew a few bucks, I did. But who knows, maybe I'll get a nice pair of glasses.