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I saw this book recommended in another excellent book I was reading, and I am very impressed by it. It offers a helpful month-by-month outline, with each month devoted to a single value, and suggestions for different activities depending on the age and maturity of the child.

Who doesn't want their child to learn how to be kind, and generous, and prepared to be an adult that you can be proud of?

Also available on the Kindle:

{Thank you, Zach, wherever you are.}


thanks for posting this and for the recommendation


I'm in for one. Hollywood's guide to child rearing isn't working very well.


I'm in for one, too -- I'd say Madison Avenue's guide to child-rearing isn't working very well.


Hi! Thanks for the book recommendation. Just ordered one, and am excited to begin utilizing it in our family, as well as with the kids at the school where I teach!