dealssix 1.25lb. live maine lobsters by atwood lobster…


Start at 1:06 to find out about the lobsters.


much cheaper and MUCH more fun:


Doesn't every single grocery store in the entire country have a lobster tank now? Not trying to be difficult, but I've never understood why you wouldn't just go buy a live lobster at your local. I've lived all over the country and never once saw a grocery store that didn't have a lobster tank in it.


@pleepleus: around here (norcal) I've NEVER seen a lobster tank in a grocery store (safeway, lucky's, savemart, Raleys, bel air, nob hill).

Also, even if they were there, costco typically has better prices than you would pay at the grocery store for gourmet items. There is also a difference in types of lobsters.