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"Band of Brothers" was an incredible piece of film making. It showed how the horrors of war created bonds of friendship that went far beyond camaraderie. "The Pacific" showed the horrors of war.


@i1patrick: Agreed. I found myself getting a little lost and confused over who was who in the Pacific - it was definitely not as centric on the Marines themselves or the relationships they developed but rather their (pretty horrific) experiences. Was still a great series. But where the Pacific is great, Band of Brothers is a masterpiece.


@meh3884: The Pacific was a blend of three stories: two first person accounts (With The Old Breed and Helmet for my Pillow) and what little is known about the life of Joe Basilone. Given the lack of one clear story line, and the general ignorance of most aspects of the WWII in the Pacific, it was very easy to get lost.

To some extent, I realize that was part of the filmmakers vision. The Marines on Pelileu didn't see the entire scope of what was going on in the Pacific, or even what was happening generally on that island: they just knew what was going on in their own little corner of the war. They wanted to show that. Unfortunately, that leads to a whole bunch of viewers trying to figure out WTF was happening, getting confused, and giving up.