dealsharibo gummi bears, 5-pound bag for $12.63


eating this bag in under 7 days WILL cause your poop to turn green... trust me.


also, you can sign up for subscribe & save.
Drops price down to $12 & free shipping. You can cancel subscribe & save anytime


these things are delicious and addicting and i hate you for posting this. now, where'd i put that amazon gift card?


Believe it or not gummies work great for moles in your yard...just push them into the ground a few inches with an old broomstick. The moles like the flavor but they cannot digest the gummies....bye bye moles.

Got that tip from a professional lawn care supervisor.


Beware! Eat in moderation! My son spent an evening in the ER when he was younger after eating an entire pound of gummi bears in a day. ER doc said it was the worst case of gummi-tummy he'd seen in a while. Took a shot of demerol and several hours passing a huge lump of all gummed-up gummi's through his intestines before he was fully recovered.

That said, I'm off to place my order!


I hate how Haribo is selling in the USA the ones made in Turkey or Portugal. In Germany they are made in Germany and they look and taste different. And in German you can also buy them made from fruit juice, which makes them even better.

Having said that, I just returned from Germany with about 50 bags of 200g Haribo Fruit Juice Gummy Bears :-)


Seems like an attempt to sabotage new years resolutioners, you're one bad seed @wilcononomous


My 5 pound bag is nearing empty. I have a stock of gummi worms next!

rom rom

Just to put the price into perspective, CVS sells a bag of these for 99 cents. It's 4 ounces. so $4 for 1 lb. this would cost $20 at CVS if you were to buy as many bags. If you spent the $12 at CVS instead, you'd only have a mere 3-lbs of delicious Haribo gummy bears.

I like them after they've been in the freezer for a night. Little stronger on the flavor and they last longer in your mouth so you don't blow through them.


Already Subscribe and Save-d on Amazon. The price is similar for all Haribo products, i like the frogs and cherries the best


@magic cave: ..and find a hiding place where your son will never look?


Tom thumb had 3lb Black Forest 3lb bags on sale for a while for only $4.99, regular price is $5.99

So you get 6lbs for $11.98 or 9.98 depending on sale..

Image here:


@chrispix99: But these are Haribo!!!! Black Forest can't compare.


Or just get one 5 pound gummy bear and save the hassle. Sure it costs more, but you get to hold a single 5 pound Gummy Bear

Or go straight for World Domination with the 26 Pound Gummy Bear. A Gummy Bear that weighs as much as a Koala Bear, is nearly as cute and arguably could be more delicious.


Try these I think the quality is even better then Haribo and you get 12 flavors instead of 5


Amazon does the subscribe and save deliveries once a month now. I am pretty sure the price is locked in, but am not 100% sure about that. They do it that way now so that they can ship more at once and you don't have charges going through at a bunch of different times each month. For me it is nice because I have like 20 different subscribe deliveries and now all the charges go through at one time.
Personally I didn't want to have to wait for the gummy bears so I ordered them without the subscribe price as the 50 cents wasn't worth me having to wait a month =)


They also have the Habro Gummy Alphabets for $16 for a 5lb bag. I like them better than gummy bears.


Thank you evil wooter. My best friend LOVES Haribo gummy bears :)


check Sams (ymmv) for a 6 lb for $8 on clearance


Haribo gummi bears are the best tasting of all the over manufactured gummies.
May the gummy flaming wars begin!


Near as I can tell sugar-free has about the same amount of calories as regular.


Hopefully there are people subscribed to this thread that can answer a late question.
I ordered using the subscribe and save. It said they would deliver Feb. 1.
Won't the price go up by then? Are they sending any out now?


The sell these in 3lb bags in my local grocery store for $5.99 each. Not a deal to me.