dealssony playstation vita launch bundle handheld…


For those who want to know which model..

This is for the 3G Network 8GB model....good price


Good price...but...if you activate the 3g you REALLY want to calculate the might surprise you.

I have one of these...I give it a 'meh'...It's just a fancier are good buy few. Nintendo still kicks the poo out of them. If I had a choice I would definetly keep the DS-XL over the Sony....just my .02...


Good price, but do you have to have it on a 3G network?


@undrpsi: I hope you mean over "Portable" consoles, by I won't get into that. But I do agree, I would take the DS over this, but I just use my emulators on my phone anyway. =)


@geminiace: no you do not. it has wifi as well. you just cant game on the go.

it's used though. no thanks


I have one and absolutely LOVE it. There are so many new features that blow the psp out of the water. Most of the old PSP games (downloadable) are backwards compatible. it has a Xbox like chat party system. It can take pictures. Facebook, Twitter, Skype. Skype is clear and crisp. I had no issues with the other person hearing background noise or echo using the built in speakers and mic. Web (no flash I.E. YouTube support). the games are crisp and clear. So far I have Mortal Kombat, Unit 13, Rayman, pinball, Stardust, Fifa, Blob, Motorstorm RC and Escape Plan. All are excellent games. There is a "Near" feature that allows you to share games and downloadable extras to friends and people in a 10 mile radius of your location. There is an AR option to use in a 3d type environment using cards, similar to the 3DS. I have connected and used remote play to Pixel Junk games on my PS3 from work using Wi-Fi. You do not need to connect to 3G on this bundle. I also have the 3g and I never signed up.


most overrated handheld device to come out and will be dead in a year


Of all the handheld consoles I've tried over the years, this one feels a little bit different.

It's taken every single aspect of the genres and improved on them all simultaneously.

Of all the others that have come and gone, I've understood when they died a death. I could have told them that at the start. This one though, I'm not sure about. I can't guarantee it's success either of course, but I'm not sure it will fail.
It has a lot going for it. Sony has that awful rep for letting good technology die though. It's all in the software. And cost.


I'm going to wait for a larger library of game, but I'm definitely going to get one (probably next year)


I own a Playstation Vita & a Nintendo 3DS. While they are both cool in their own way, I have barely picked up my 3DS since getting my Vita. I think the Vita is more my demographic. I'm 29.


overrated? I've heard absolutely nothing about it. The advertisements are literally nonexistent. It got crappy reviews from game sites that did not cover 1/2 of the features.
I love mine. I play it every night. I start it up, check Facebook, start a voice chat party. Load up a game, get a high score, take a screen shot (pressing one button on the fly), post it to twitter. Someone hops into my room... we start talking about something I've never heard of so I do a quick swap out of the game I'm playing and look it up on the web. swap back into my game and continue. There is at least one free app, game or game add-on every few days.
the second this gets hacked for roms and/or more remote play support gets added it will be worth its weight in gold.
I guarantee anyone that is complaining has never owned one or has not checked out all the features.


I use my Vita so much, I may actually pick this up as a backup.

Awesome display, great controls/touchscreen, loads of features. It's so light too...never get tired holding it. I use it for Netflix, Facebook, Skype, not to mention REAL GAMING.

Uncharted Golden Abyss and MLB The Show are incredible...every single time I load up those games I'm amazed with the console quality graphics on a portable. Can't wait to play Metal Gear Solid HD and Call of Duty on this thing!


LOVE my vita. I never have time to play it, but playing Uncharted while waiting for a bus is super fantastic. Even when I'm too lazy to play BF3 on my PC this is a good thing to lay on the couch or something. Not overrated but definitely not for everyone.

It's a new platform and most consoles are in this new stage, even the PS3 and XBox360 didn't have that many games at launch.


Too bad its sold out but I'm happy staying with my Sega Vision even though it can't play games.