dealsip man [blu-ray] for $7.50


If you haven't seen this, it's well worth the money. The opening sequence is an incredible display of talent. It's easily one of the best martial arts films of this century and I highly recommend it.

It's also on Netflix for instant streaming if you don't want to buy it.


If you're a martial arts fan of any kind, this movie is pretty amazing - and if not, the story line is still great. It's one of my favorites.


Ip Man and Ip Man 2 are phenomenal. as @capguncowboy said, they are available on netflix for instant streaming and I've watched both several times. Donnie Yen's skills shine in these films. And, its worth noting that the majority of the acting is top notch, which I find to be a rarity in most martial arts movies.


@jha1223: Couldn't agree more. Donnie Yen is a wonderful actor and brought a lot of warmth to already wonderful stories. My family prefers watching with English dubs, and it was well worth my time to go back and rewatch certain scenes to hear his own words.

After Ip Man and Ip Man 2, "Legend of the Fist" is also worth seeing.


As a practitioner of Wing-Tsun, I found it to be a good story and it is well produced. That said, you must realize that these are really stories and are nowhere close to the real history of the real Ip Man. Other than the names used in the movie, almost everything else is fictional.

The acting was good, yes, and Donnie Yen is himself a martial artist who has learned Wing-Tsun. Many fighting scenes, however, did not incorporate Wing-Tsun (btw, Wing-Tsun is not much to look at, it's just highly effective in disabling your opponent) but a more show-worthy style (closer to Bruce Lee's derivative Jeet Kun Do).

But once again, it's a very entertaining movie and well worth watching. With Amazon's deal, even better.

Thanks for posting this @gideonfrost!


both my wife and i love this month. we normally do not watch many movies (only a few a year) but we have watched this multiple times. buy it!


This is a great movie, and if you've seen all of them you'll know he was Bruce lees master so