dealsdoctor who time lord psychic container for $19.99


Good research. Good deal. Chanks!


@dmaz: I just could not resist posting this and have wanted one since I first saw The Doctor's Wife (Series 6 episode 4)


@jsoko: Yes, it is. And as per jumbowoot, I am allowed to post it -

I wanted to make sure that it wasn't missed, as almost no one pays attention to poor little overworked wootbot


@theoneill555: Did not know of this rule, my apologies.


@jsoko: No apologies necessary, it shows at least someone noted it buried in wootbot's many posts.


@theoneill555: Indeed, one of my fav episodes with the 11th Doctor. He turned out MUCH better than I had thought he would. Maybe I just get so emotionally invested in one Doctor, then he metamorphoses into a new one.
Oh! The things we put ourselves through because of our love for the Doctor!


@dcpotts: I am with you on that. I watched The Eleventh Hour about 20 times in the two weeks after it's debut (Matt Smith's prominent chin and hair were very distracting for me) to realize I just love the way he plays the Doctor.

It's is going to be a very long, Doctorless 9 months.


Matt has done a great job. Since the reboot, I've been amazed at how differently each actor portrays the Doctor, and yet you can't help but love every one of them. Unlike Bond, its really impossible to say you like one Doctor over the other because they all have a unique characteristic that the others don't, yet you wouldn't want to see that characteristic in the others.

Off topic, but does anyone know what's going on with the Inbetweeners?


What a great find! You did good, thanks!



The site pictures are WRONG. They are not selling the Corsair's container. They are selling the one with the Galifreyan writing.