dealsfinnish gas mask and 60mm filter grade iā€¦


Someone has to say it - "Are you my mommy?"


Any word if filters on masks such as these are replaceable? I've seen a bunch of gas mask deals on woot over the years, but never realized they might not actually be functional.

Not that I'd ever need a functional one, but makes the mask that much cooler.


They sell the filters for the masks and even have online guides on how to replace them.

According to the site, they're replaceable but not guaranteed to work as it's surplus.


i prefer the israeli civilian issue masks.


Sad to say that I am finally breaking down and considering something like this for my family. Not sure if it is the stuff my co-worker makes me listen to (Coast-to-Coast AM) or what, but it may be time to have a kit ready with this kinda thing


Hurry now before the rioters in Greece buy them all.


@fyrfytr44: It's the coast-2-coast AM. You know you are really losing it when you buy a bunch of seeds and surplus grain for food.


@fyrfytr44: gotta put something in that bug-out bag.


For anyone wondering, these things do work great against tear gas and mace if you should have a need for such applications...


Use this adapter ($7.97)

Then you can buy NATO filters. A lot of them say 'surplus' and 'not warrantied' but they come 'as new' and sealed. You can find real new ones that ARE warrantied but they'll run $30-$40 each. Here's some for $12...

Bottom line...something is better than nothing. I have 4 gas masks (not these but US surplus) and while VERY bulky, they make a good addition to my full family SHTF load-out. You have to know what kind of event you'll need them for though. Radiological dirty bombs. Biological or nerve agents. Halloween mask. I don't plan on being anywhere I would HAVE to use them but they are there. NOTE: In anything but a CS or incapacitating agent attack you WILL suffer from skin exposure issues. The only way to survive a full WMD event would be with a NBC suit..Not a fun thing to wear.
oh..and I don't listen to any 'preppers' radio crap.


Zombie Survival Kit:

"#23 - Finnish gas mask, check!"


Finnish? I'm just getting started!


Make sure you can find NEW filters. The filters only last up to 10 years. The 60MM filter is not a standard. Look into the Israel gas masks and if you are looking for filters this is where I have been them for years:


@breaddrink: Oh no, these aren't surplus. They're used. Grade 1 but used just the same.


It depends on if your thinking either "worst case" or "most case" scenarios. Yep, most may not deal with radiation or milspec viruses- but if you're dealing with those you've got other issues. For most cases, I believe it's not just mace and tear gas, it's the burning gas stations, diesel trucks, apartment buildings and Home Depots I'll need to worry about. And am I passing thru, or planning on living in it. In my view, all that would be intermittent and transient- within a month most everything that would have been torched will have been.
THAT said: Make sure it fits and you know how to work it. An oldish but still good mask with rotting rubber straps won't work. One too small won't work right. Not having a spare or three filters won't work for long. A sharpie and some designated tribal/ animal markings will distinguish you, family and associates. Figure out a way for a drinking tube. Don't forget the helmets/ hard hats, either.
Paintballing may be good practice.